How we do it

How a flat world can make your story stand out


The user is always central. Technology is a means, not the solution. Together we question the question. We allow our clients to see through the eyes of their users. Digital or print? We’ll look at what works best en route. With our hands-on approach we are always going for the ‘wow’ effect.

  • communication strategy
  • customer journey
  • user experience
  • content strategy
  • human-centred approach
  • branding
  • art direction
  • campaigning
  • design thinking
  • sustainability
  • creating awareness

One-stop shop

We like to take a multi-discipline approach. A narrow view is not our style, and our clients know that. A crossover between digital, print and multimedia can work perfectly, as long as the message is clear and intelligent.

Should we write up a list?

  • logo
  • house style
  • signage
  • infographics
  • digital installations
  • photography/video
  • campaigns
  • event design
  • web design (UX / UI)
  • web development
  • app development
  • user testing
  • prototyping
  • motion design
  • scenography
  • … give us a challenge!

It’s a flat world after all

Sorry, but at Josworld there are no ‘bosses’ or ego-stroking job titles. Our structure? The world is flat. No traditional top-down management. Instead, we invest in a happy workforce. We invest in developing talent, feeling good and honest commitment.

How does it work? Relinquishing control by organising the structure into self-running teams. Replacing positions with roles. Intrinsic instead of imposed motivation.

Are you curious as to what this can mean as a client? We’ll be happy to explain it to you.

The course of a project

At the start of a project we set out a roadmap. We set the goals and establish expectations. We put together a custom team for every project. So that everything is clear once the project starts. No surprises.

Making an impact together?

Why? And how?


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