Blog: Human driven? More than ever!

Geschreven door Thijs op 23/03/2020

Strange and tough times. Honestly, it was a hard one last week: all the doors shut and suddenly here we are at home working behind our laptops. Being a tight-knit team, social distancing was a hard switch.

The coffee get-togethers, the patting on the backs, ... The personal approach that lies deeply within Josworld's DNA is all of sudden finito. The change in behaviour definitely feels a bit disentangling.


"The human approach lies deeply
within Josworld's DNA."


All digital

Especially with regard to the latter, we will have to take a completely different approach in the upcoming period. I hear you say that everything can be solved digitally, but the question is whether all the steps in a creative process can be translated digitally? There are fine tools such as Google G Suite, Miro, Slack, Adobe Cloud,... that offer solace. But still... A creative trajectory contains key moments where a personal face-to-face meeting is essential. You can still empathize by listening and talking through a video call, but during a workshop, brainstorm, training, the interactions happen in a different way. Technology should not be a threshold at such moments, but an accelerator.

Processes and methods will change. This crisis will in any case be an enrichment for our adaptive capacity. Together we will find the necessary creative solutions. They are there. Occasionally, the trial and error will be supplemented by a lot of customisation. In any case, we will continue to share best practices and call on others to do the same.


Purpose driven

One thing that does make us happy (and hopefully you too): never before have so many impactful initiatives been launched. In any case, it shows that purposeful thinking and acting can make a difference.


See you soon, real soon

Let's hope we can meet you in person again soon, but for now we're happy to turn on our camera to see each other. Send us an email to make a virtual appointment! Do you have a plan or idea? We are happy to share our expertise and give you new insights. Contact us!


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