Blog: A look back at the mobility week

Geschreven door Salsabil Fayed op 23/09/2019

Sorry, our parking is full!

I mean our bicycle parking is full. At Josworld we have a wide variety of options; not only did we recently acquire some folding bikes, but we also have a cargo bike and an electric bike.

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our values and mobility is an easy strain. In addition to trying to avoid cars for commuting, we also try to find alternative ways for our client visits. Even though it is a puzzle piece at times to go from place A to place B.


Some of our clients are very surprised when they see us drive in. “I did not expect this, but very likeable!”, are the most common reactions we receive. Of course, we don’t want to just be likeable, but we think it is important to continue to carry this as a company. And who knows, we could inspire others. Our mobilmix is fairly wide at Joswold; bikes, electric bikes, sharing bikes, by foot, by train.


Our 'Jossies' and 'Josianes' are traveling 5.239 km by bike and 27.661 km by train, every year. And we know that every alternative is, one car less on the streets. Because who wants to be stuck in the traffic jam ?