Blog: 6 tips for an inspiring annual report

Geschreven door Thijs op 22/01/2019

1. Deliver a powerful story

Never underestimate the power of your annual report! Its content can have a far greater impact than the traditional foreword and the obligatory set of figures. Think about a leitmotiv and build your story around it. Take your readers on a journey through the world of your brand, company or organisation.

2. Avoid repetition

As annual reports tend to be read by the same people, don’t just focus on revamping its content, but put some though into its format too. By all means, ‘judge a book by its cover’. The cover of an annual report does make a difference and will help to set the right tone.

3. Data visualisation definitely makes a difference

Make the figures legible by visualising them. Aside from making difficult content more manageable for your audience, it will also allow your readers to home in on the details.

4. Streamline your visual elements

A bold design contributes to the total experience. To achieve this, it is important to allow your photographs, text and infographs to stand out. Take it from us: white space adds to the overall effect! It creates airy and accessible pages that are enticing to your readers and are easy to scan both online and offline. Invest in excellent visuals, for a powerful image will say so much more than a page full of print.

5. Translate figures into tangible examples

It goes without saying that an annual report is designed to document your successes. Create added value by showing the impact your organisation has had. How measurable was your social relevance? Examples will make it human and tangible.

6. Match the offline to the online

Gone are the days of annual reports in hard-copy format only. A printed copy can be a nice keepsake but the Web offers you so many more options. Not only will your annual report be more sustainable and always on hand, but you have the added bonus of being able to treat your readers to an interactive content. Allow your readers to play around with data, integrate a video..., in sum, create an experience!

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