A guide to your first office dog

Geschreven door Salsabil Fayed op 04/10/2019

This guide will help you through the process of “hiring” your first office dog.

It is for everyone who wants to introduce the concept of an office dog. At Josworld we have two of them, Boogie and Kyra, and let me tell you that having a guide would have been very useful. Having an office dog may seem unusual and unhealthy, but the positive sides are both proven scientifically and unscientifically. Having a dog in the office improve your overall mental health at work. We tried it and we realised that we did bark less at each other.

Before even introducing the idea of an office dog, use your spy skills and find out if anyone of your colleagues is allergic to animals. If that is the case, I am sorry but this is the end of the road for you.  If not, then you passed the first test and you can proceed with the next step.

Use the scientist that is in you and do some general research before talking about dogs in the office with your team. You will find out that having some basic knowledge and understanding of the subject will help you defend it to the public. Even the most persistent of your colleagues will not be able to contradict your ideas if you back it up with facts. Let's be honest, also at Josworld, Goele and Thijs were no fans of having dogs at the office. But Laurent was very persuasive and they both eventually came around.

Don’t forget to involve all your colleagues in the process. By planning a meeting with the whole team for example. Give them the possibility of expressing their feelings and worries openly. You will realise that most of the worries are unable to be defeated and will disappear as soon as they let them out of their chests.

“Choose your battles wisely and your dog even more wisely.” If possible, plan a dog interview. Because we all know that not all dogs are office material. By introducing your dog to the team, you will make sure that their minds are at ease.

Plan an introduction week. Just to show that your dog is well trained or at least have a minimum of training. A dog barking every five minutes or a dog who can’t wait until his daily walks to empty his bladder, will generate unnecessary tensions. But don’t lose hope if your dog still needs some training. We do know that patience is a virtue and bladder accidents happen even to the best of us. At Josworld even the most reluctant of your colleagues were convinced. A perfect proof, our colleague Thijs even installed a dog fence.

If after all of this your stubborn colleague is still persistent and brings up the word germs into the conversation. We have the perfect response. Dogs have a lot of germs, which is good. The more and sooner you are in contact with germs the more immune your system is. But that doesn’t mean you need to start kissing the dog every five minutes. Another positive side of having an office dog is that he will be your support system or cheerleading team throughout a hard and stressful day. Because a dog’s unconditional support and love counts for more than one.

Positive energy is contagious. So why not spread laughter and positivity by bringing your dog at work tomorrow?

Curious about our experiences? Come join us at our office. Watch out for our guard dogs.